Microsoft Toolkit Users Guide 2020

What is Microsoft Toolkit?

This is known as the latest version software that can be used to activate Microsoft products such as Windows and MS Office, Microsoft Word and Excel. Microsoft Toolkit is the alternative of KMSPico Activator which is almost similar for it but with certain new functions and features. This can be used to activate any Windows including Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, Vista and Windows XP. This is 100% secure and safe activator on the internet. Most importantly, this will not cause any harm to your device as it does not consists of any kind of malware or virus.
Microsoft Toolkit was developed by DazTeam as a software that can be used to activate Windows to genuine copy for free. The software uses the Key Management Service also known as KMS technology built by Microsoft and these are generally used by large organizations when activating Office and Windows in bulk. DazTeam successfully programmed the software to send a license key formed to the server where it gets registered in order to make the Microsoft Office or operating system genuine.

Is it Safe to use Microsoft Toolkit on my Computer?

This is a question asked by so many users several times. The answer is YES ! as mentioned above its free from any type of viruses or malware.

screenshot of microsoft toolkit 2.5.1


Is it Worth to Use?

It’s a known fact that Microsoft is not free at all even though other operating systems such as Linux and MacOS are totally free. However, Microsoft Windows is the most popular operating system among users worldwide compared to any other operating system.
Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or 10 comes with its 30 days free trial for the users. After its trial period ends, users still can use however some advanced features will not be there. Users will not receive updates from their servers and will not allow using the Windows Defender that provides security. Moreover, users will not get the chance to change wallpapers or customizing Windows. Most importantly, users will witness the watermark “Activate Windows Go to Settings to Activate Windows” everyday on the screen. This can be annoying for most of the users therefore its always better to use Microsoft ToolKit as a user since all the users can not afford to buy the license. Microsoft ToolKit is a free tool that will help the users to activate Windows as well as to activate Microsoft Office. If you have ever asked yourself ‘Should I Use Microsoft ToolKit’? then the answer is YES!
Lets learn about how to use Microsoft ToolKit from the below steps.

How to Use Microsoft Toolkit?

There are few easy steps that an user could follow to activate Microsoft ToolKit, it’s very easy and understandable.
1. Download Microsoft Toolkit from the official website to avoid unwanted viruses.
2. Disable any Antivirus installed in your computer if you have used any.
3. Disable Windows Defender by opening,
• Start Menu
• Click Gear Icon (Settings) from Left Menu.
• Scroll Down
• Open Update & Security
• Select Windows Defender from right side.
• Click Open Windows Defender Security Center
• Click Virus & Threat Protection
• Open Virus & Threat Protection Settings
• Use the Switcher Disable Real-Time Protection
4. Open the folder where you download this tool and extract it using 7Zip or WinRar.
5. Afterward, it will create a folder with the label of Zip File.
6. Open the Zip File and right-click on Microsoft ToolKit.exe
7. Click Run as Administrator.
8. You will witness two icons, Windows and Office. Select the icon in accordance to the product you need to activate. Eg: click Windows Icon for Windows and Click Office Icon for the Office
9. Afterward, it will launch a Window from the above menu select Activation and then select the tool Auto KMS.
10. Click on Install Button which is under tools. Wait until the KMS server is installed on to the machine.
11. Click on from the right side menu to Activate and it will take a few seconds.
12. Wait till you see the Success message ‘ we have Successfully activated Windows 10/Office on your machine.

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