Microsoft toolkit in 2020 – what will be change

Microsoft toolkit is a free software or application that use for the activate Microsoft office and Windows 10 and old versions, such as windows 8.1 windows 7, etc. the Microsoft toolkit has several features such as Ez Activator, all in one activator, KMS server, auto keys, Manual key setup, and Deactivate.

Microsoft toolkit 2020

Ez Activator

This is the main feature of the Microsoft toolkit since application launch date. Ez Activator is one click activate for the windows. What is the Back End Process of Ez Activator? This explanation can be technical, however Ez activate algorithm find out what is the best method to activate User Operating system (Microsoft Windows only). The result depends on the user OS activation time, OS version, Update Version, Bat file writ ability etc. then Ez Activator use select method for activate the User operating system. The Daz team officially released the statement which says Ez Activator option update with the new algorithm and features for the latest release of windows updates, however this update will be on future Microsoft toolkit application in 2020. they hope to release this version January of 2020.

Download the Microsoft toolkit

We hope that Microsoft toolkit new edition will release before 2020 as a beta version, but my suggestion is it’s better to wait till they announce a final edition Because beta version can include bug and un-fixed errors in the program so there is a risk that when you use the beta version. As a good example Microsoft toolkit release 2.2 beta version in 2016, what happen was there was the error called freeze 453, then lot of users who tried that beta version, they had to reinstall the operation system again.

Step to Follow Microsoft toolkit Install,

First of all, you must disable Windows Defender real time protection. If you do not know how to do that, please click here.

Download the Microsoft Toolkit from here

Unzip the file Password – 123

Double click the Microsoft toolkit.exe and click next

Default installer is Ez Activator – automatically Activate your windows and Office

Advantages of Microsoft toolkit

Basically Microsoft toolkit is a multi-purpose application that is able to activate Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office, yes that two applications from same company but end of the day it is two different software and two different activation methods.

Most User friendly activator all the way – Microsoft toolkit is the most user friendly activator, more over Microsoft toolkit has the two step option which is its enable to user activate using two clicks and two seconds.

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