Download KMSPico 10 [2020]

KMSPico is the key management framework for allowing Microsoft products, such as Windows and Office. Microsoft uses MAK (Multiple Activation Keys) and KMS (Key Management Framework) for volume-based activation of Windows.

1. Turn off your antivirus software temporarily. (IMPORTANT! Otherwise, KMSPico can not change Windows Registry entries which enable Windows / Office).
2. KMSPico Download Here.(). If the download is blocked by chrome, you can copy the clipboard to a new tab.
Password ZIP-123
3. Run Installer KMSPico. (Click on more info and pick Run Another option if you see Windows Protected Your PC message.)
4. Start the installation and wait for automatic running of KMSPico.
5. Press the red button, and wait for the message of progress.
6. Done.

KMSPico is the most effective, frequently updated and 100 percent clean tool for any version of Windows and Microsoft Office to be permanently disabled within seconds. MAK keys are used to phone clients similarly back to Microsoft’s server using KMS to disable Windows by phoning to KMS server in the local network instead of Microsoft’s.KMSPico replaces the original key with the volume approved key and generates an emulated KMS server instance to avoid online activation locally. Therefore your Windows system will not be able to connect to the online server and will continue to work with the replaced license key. This does not mean that all of KMSPico is genuine and virus-free on the Internet. If you have a fake KMSPico installed then your PC will be full of malware.
Some site says KMSPico is dangerous, but it’s only if you download and install a fake activator. There are many websites which claim to be KMSPico’s official website but there is, unfortunately, no official website. KMSPico has an official forum that contains KMSPico and other KMS resources. To access and download from there you may need to sign up. For convenience, I provided you with a direct download link at the end of this article for KMSPico and other KMS Resources. Never download KMSPico from any website, as KMSPico creator said, there is no official website.

Where can you Download / official download?

Please download KMSPico or and Daz Products from official site or

What are the systems that Support KMSPico?

The newest version of KMSPico now supports Microsoft Windows 10. When the activator version of KMSPico Windows 10 is enabled, or when you use the portable version, you can pilot virtually all kmspico Office 2016 and Windows versions to be free forever.
Following is Microsoft Windows ‘ reported supporting version,
• Windows 10
• Windows 8.1
• Windows 8
• Windows 7
• Windows Vista
• Windows XP
Unfortunately, there are no CAL activators or any sort of Server OS License activators found using KMSPico yet.
Not only for Microsoft Windows Services but also for Office Packages and the following,
• Yes, it is even for Office 365 (O365) now!
• Office 2016
• Office 2013
• Office 2010
• Office 2007
If you are running any of the above Microsoft Product almost to expire or are currently running on Evaluation Period, hitting the activator with kmspico installation or kmspico Portable is the best option.

Is KMSpico a virus / Is it safe to use KMSpico?

No, absolutely not. KMSpico is a harmless freeware that used to activate windows. but windows defender and some of the other anti-virus software detect KMSpico as a Trojan or malware. Because of that reasons KMSpico developers recommend to stop your virus protection till finish the kmspico process. If you don’t know how to stop your anti-virus or windows defender please click here.

scan result of kmspico

Is official KMSpico legit / legal?

Its depend on your purpose, As we are KMSpico & Microsoft Toolkit Developers we don’t recommend to use KMSpico for business or commercial use. We are highly recommend KMSpico for testing purpose only and highly recommended to buy legal versions from Owners!

what is the alternative activator for KMSPico?

Well, Daz team has dozens of projects that help to activate windows. according to them the best alternative product for the KMSPico is Microsoft Toolkit. Microsoft Toolkit has all functions and features same as KMSPico.

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