The most awaited moment has finally arrived Windows Big update

Microsoft will soon introduce its Windows 10 October 2018 update for its users.
Microsoft never fails to do miracles, as you know, Its Windows 10 operating system is used by over 700 million users today. Without any further delays, Microsoft will launch its October 2018 update.

Everyone is wondering what Microsoft has included in its newest update. Many different new features have been included while the biggest change is said to be its new Cloud Powered clipboard which enables you to copy content over machines. It also allows to store the history in the Cloud of your copied content.
You can also find Your Phone app in the October 2018 update. Its known as a companion app to align IOS and Android more closely to Windows 10. However, many of the features are Android only at the current time but soon you will get the chance to receive and send text messages, sync photos with Windows 10 by connecting to an Android phone.

Additions to Timeline
Firefox and Chrome will come with new extensions that enables the rival browsers to plug into the timeline feature and sync tabs. Indeed, this new feature will be useful as now you don’t have to get help from third-party extensions. Further, Microsoft launcher on Android will enable to sync contents and actions to Windows 10 from your Android phone as Microsoft launcher will provide access to timeline. Another new feature will be the introduction of time line support to Microsoft Edge which will enable you to access tabs quickly in your mobile version of Edge or PC.

Another Good News!
Microsoft will release its next major Windows 10 update in March 2019. In future, Microsoft will reveal about new features in Windows 10 March 2019 update for to users. Microsoft toolkit new version working on this big update. never lost hope. Stay Tuned!

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